I like to record myself while drawing. I learn a lot in this way about the process and why I do/don’t certain things.

I normally start with a blank page in Affinity Designer. This moment used to be very scary but it gets better every time. Only when I have a general idea about the things that I want to include in the drawing, I get the vectorised version of the characters and insert them into place.

Then I do some more sketching, I fine-tune some parts until I finally feel confident enough to make a last line sketch with a clean pencil.

Before going into colouring, I normally do a lights/shadows study (I tend to skip this step but I always regret when I do). And then I continue by doing a couple of colouring options.

The final image is made up of different layers. I start with some watercolours brushes, followed by colour pencils. Most of the brushes I use are customised.

I discovered that working on one unique layer (maximum two) is the best way to keep my creativity flowing so I don’t need to spend time in the layers panel. I think it triggers my other side of the brain and the drawing doesn’t flow as good.

P.S. Drop me a line if there is something in particular you’d like me to cover.