Hi! I’m Miriam, the person behind the stories and illustrations of Zerus & Ona and below you can read a bit more about me.

Some years ago I turned my former professional life as an architect down to become a programmer. After that I spent lots of my time coding, and also teaching other people how to code. These days I spend most of my time taking care of my baby.

Drawing during nap times

Zerus & Ona were born some months after my baby did. They are growing up together, bringing up stories about technology, computers and the digital world, which I would love to read to my little one when he is a bit older.

This project brings together every part of me: the drawing, the coding and the teaching. And I hope that you and your kids enjoy reading them as much as I’m enjoying their creation.

Sneak Preview of our upcoming book
Sneak preview of our upcoming book

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