How I Ended Up on EuRuKo’s Stage The Best 5 Minutes Of Last Months

In 2015 I attended the EuRuKo Conference in Salzburg, where a friend of mine gave a Lightning Talk. I remember him preparing his slides while sitting next to me and I thought “Wow, that’s such a cool thing to do!”.

This year the EuRuKo Conference was held in Rotterdam and I didn’t plan to attend. But, last minute, that same friend couldn’t make it and he offered me his ticket.

So I took it and went to Rotterdam, where I met another friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time. We talked about Zerus & Ona until he said “You need to give a Lightning Talk tomorrow”. “No, I don’t”, I said. “If you don’t send that email to the organisers, I will”, he continued. Something inside of me knew that he was right.

Ok, so I submitted my talk and… it got confirmed! I had to run home, prepare the slides and figure out what I needed to say. On the very next day I’d be taking a train to Rotterdam and giving a Lightning Talk myself!

And that’s how it happened, that’s how I ended up being on the EuRuKo’s stage this year. Telling hundreds of people about Zerus & Ona. About why this project is important. And about what’s coming next. And oh yes, it was the coolest thing to do!

You can check out the talk below.

I’m still thrilled by all the love that Zerus & Ona received on Saturday. Thank you everyone that reached out! It’s awesome to have you (and your kids!) on board.




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