Our Children Will Teach us How To Live in Harmony with Technology But first, get them to love books

Children live in a world in which they will first talk to a computer than a sheep.

Computers are meant to be used as creators

Technology is a great tool to make things happen, such as writing your first book, doing your art or building your dream doll’s house. It can definitely make our lives better and also help people around us.

I believe that introducing the digital world to our children from an early age could help them have a healthier relationship with it.

Read on to hear how we could help our children to see technology as a tool to create and not only use it as consumers.

Books are (still) a wonderful way to give children information about the world around them

We have been reading to our little one since he was born. We visited a book fair and met a librarian who was very excited about the idea of reading to babies. She said it clearly: it’s much easier to get children into the magic of books when they still can’t crawl. Once they start moving, they’d rather explore the world by crawling and walking than with books.

Reading to our baby has become one of our favourite moments in the day. It is also an important form of stimulation that teaches him about communication, builds listening and vocabulary, while gives information about the world around him.

But first, beware. Most of these books are about animals. Which is great! Animals are cool and he loves them. But as soon as you close the book, it’s hard for him to find a horse, a sheep or a duck around the block (luckily we have a circus visiting the nighbourhood once in a while!).

Children’s interest in technology grows everyday with so many devices around them.

In today’s world children will find screens everywhere, and not only computers or laptops, but also phones, watches and tablets. And guess what? You will hardly find one of those in his books!

Now here comes the good part.

You could read stories to your child about technology (together with all those other stories happening in a farm)

Here are some examples:

  • What if your child hears about binary numbers while learning to count?
  • What if she finds out about RGB codes while learning about colors?
  • Or she comes across pixels together with meters and inches?

Reading stories about these topics with our children, seeing what they come up with and following the conversation that we will be having around them… I’m sure it’s going to be so much fun!

But there’s more. It might turn out that children are the ones showing us, grown-ups, what it really means to live in harmony with technology, to have a healthy relationship with it and to love computers as much as they love animals!

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