How I Became Interested in Computer Science Even when I thought it was gray and boring as a child

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I started to work as a programmer when I was 30 years old. Ever since I have been either programming, or teaching others about it. But I didn’t get into computer science easily. Back in college I studied architecture instead and here’s why.

I thought computers were gray and boring as a child

When I was a child the world of IT looked very gray to me, very much black and white, and even boring. I wanted to do something more creative, more colourful, that would need my imagination and would help other people around me. Architecture was a perfect fit, right? But computers? I didn’t think so. And I couldn’t have been more wrong.

So you might be wondering… how did you shift your interest towards technology and computers then? Because of love. Yes, love. You heard it right. I started to date my husband and that’s when everything spiraled out of control. He is a passionate video game programmer and I became very curious about his work. He started to tell me stories about programming and eventually we were talking about arrays, methods and inheritance over dinner. Then it hit me.

I quit my job as an architect and I taught myself how to code by following different courses online. It took me almost 30 years to discover the colourful side of technology and also to understand that working with computers is all about helping people around me.

Now let me share a secret with you. These days I’m working on a series of stories for kids about technology, computers and the digital world, and sometimes I feel that I’m only writing for that little girl inside of me and also for all those children that are still not seeing the creative and human side of technology. And I just don’t want them to miss out!

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