Designing with Constraints: Colour

Nintendo 8-bit Colour Swatches

In any creative work there are so many options to choose from. So much freedom. You can decide on the amount of time you will be working on something, the different tools you will be using, the type of story that you want to tell… and then there is the amount of colours that you can choose from.

Since I started to work on this project I tried several colour palettes and I was never totally convinced about them. I constantly asked myself, “so why these colours and not others?”. I slowed down and I asked THEM. Zerus said “I want to be retro, Ona said “I want to be colourful, “we want to look fancy both in screens but also when printed!”.

Honestly I am not that much into video games these days, but I played a lot in my early years with the NES-console. When I draw now, that little girl often shows up, so I looked into retro video games and discovered that Nintendo was using a 8-bit colour palette! This narrowed down the options by a lot, while there is some technicality behind it that Zerus & Ona could use at some point to explain how colour is used in computer science.

Having an emotional connection with the colours that I am using helps me to feel more confident about the work.

I believe that Zerus & Ona were kind of clever when they gave their opinion, since they would love to be in a video game at some point in time.

P.S. Thanks Monovektor for sharing your Retro Color Swatch Pack!


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