Learning Bits After 3 Weeks of #the100DayProject

Some of the best shots of these weeks.

Some weeks ago I started the challenge #100DaysOfZerusAndOna, following the guidelines under The100DayProject. My intention is to dive into the world of Zerus & Ona and discover everything around them (while I brush up my sketching skills).

These are the things that I am learning:

  • The trickiest part is to come up with ideas. Doing some research the previous day and choosing a topic helps me to just focus on drawing when I wake up. I opened a Tumblr blog to collect the ideas that I come up with, saving some reference images and a short description about the story linked to it.
  • Drawing is a meditative practice. My breathing becomes softer and air comes in more easily while I draw.
  • Every sketch looks better the next day, placed next to the other ones. The quality is improving and the more I draw, the more ideas I get.
  • Sketches are a great tool to drive the conversation about the project with little boy’s daddy. Looking into other ways to communicate ideas between us to make the process smoother.
  • Shadows are key to bring sketches to life. I need to remember this when I start drawing digitally.
  • No matter what, sit down and draw, little boy will be ok and he loves to play on his own too!
  • I have been wanting to add some colours to the sketches, but colouring is just not possible at this time. Accepting it. Little Boy is starting to walk and he demands even more!

Finally leaving some words that are travelling with me these days, written in this article by Christine Nishiyama :

Looking back at our body of work (whether it’s a series of paintings, a sketchbook, or an instagram hashtag), elements will begin to appear, repeat, and connect. We have to pay attention to those patterns, listen to them, and let them lead us down different paths. We have to follow the direction our work tells us to go.

So may we all listen to our work 🙂


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