About our Origins

Hi! I’m Miriam, the one behind the stories and drawings of Zerus & Ona.

Some years ago I turned my former professional life as an architect down to become a programmer (read more about how I did it here). After that I spent lots of my time coding, and also teaching other people how to code. These days I spend most of my time taking care of my baby.

Zerus & Ona brings together every part of me.

Some months ago I started to work on Zerus & Ona, a project that brings together every part of me: stories for little kids (and their grown-ups) about the world of computers and technology.

Why Read to Our Baby?

We have been reading to our little one before going to bed almost since he was born. At some point we visited a book fair where we met a librarian who was so excited about the idea of reading to babies that we needed to try it. She mentioned that it was easier to get them into the magic of reading when they still can’t crawl because once they do, they’d rather explore the world around them by crawling and walking than with books.

Reading to our baby has become one of the favourite moments of our day. It is amazing to see how much attention he pays at every new book and how he gets a bit cranky if you take him away from it. Also it is an important form of stimulation that teaches babies about communication, builds listening and vocabulary, while gives information about the world around them.

What To Read To Our Baby?

My parents kept the most wonderful books from my childhood (in Spanish). His dad reads them to him, while I am taking books from the library around the corner (in English). He already has his own library membership!

What I have seen is that in most of these books there is no reference to technology and no sign of any type of device (computers, smartphones or tablets). They are mostly about animals. At the same time I can see how his interest in technology grows everyday with so many screens around him.

It is great that he reads about animals and their different sounds and colours. But he lives in a world where most probably he will first interact with a computer than a sheep. And I would like to give him information about both while I am reading to him. The stories of Zerus & Ona appeared just like that.

He lives in a world where he’ll first interact with a computer than a sheep.

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In the meantime you can read some of our blogposts or check out some of the videos below showing how the illustrations are being made.

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