The human, unplugged way to share the magic of computers with your kids.

With lovely characters and fun stories, your family will fall in love with technology. Explore together the hidden mysteries behind every screen around the house.


*Children from toddler age all the way up to kindergarten and more.

Hi! I’m Miriam.

Mom, Coding Teacher and Programmer. And for the past 2 years I’ve spent the naps of my baby writing and drawing stories for young kids about technology and computers.

Some weeks ago I was at the EuRuKo Conference and they just shipped the talk recordings! Check out Zerus & Ona’s presentation in the video below.

Well, hello Parent-Human.

“We are mega, mega excited” said Zerus, “because… bzzzzz… you found us! Our size is… bzzzt… uncommonly little, zzzzzzzzt…”

“Oh Zerus! Are you running out of memory? AGAIN?” asked Ona.

“No… I’m not!”

“We live inside your computer with terabytes of other zeros and ones.”

It’s The Binary World.



We now live in a world where it’s way more likely that kids become familiar with computers than to meet a cow in real life! Still, if you browse through children’s books, you’ll find many farms and very few computers.

Imagine. What could happen if you tell your kids stories about binary code while learning to count? Or if they hear about RGB codes while learning about colors? We don’t need to raise programmers and tech wizards all over the place. But we do need to give children a broader understanding of the world around them from an early age. These “extra tools” will help them to build the world they want to live in, in whatever way they choose.



But… what if my child is not into computer science?

Well… guess what? I wasn’t either! Growing up, my dad wanted me to go into computer science. But I had to find my own way. I went to college and studied architecture. After a while, I quit my job as an architect and taught myself how to code.

It took me 30 years to find the creative, colorful, human side of computers.

And that’s why I feel it’s important to come up with new, original, different ways to introduce kids into the world of technology. To reach as many of them as we can.

Today’s world really needs many different types of people to start thinking about technology and to care about it.



So, What’s Coming?

The first story in the book series will be published this Autumn.

If you wanna know when the books is out, join the mailing list, follow us on social media and tell your Friend-Parent-Humans. It would be really awesome to have you and (your kids!) on board.


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